“The Wee Shop”

The “Wee Shop” has been a (very small) feature of Corstorphine’s commercial life for over 100 years…

It first appears on the Ordinance Survey map of 1914, although no one seems quite sure when it was built before that or for what purpose. It may have belonged to the newsagents and Post Office which was, until very recently, situated next door.

It is a mostly-wooden, irregularly-shaped construction (1m wide at the front, tapering over 2m to less than 0.5m at the rear), and abuts onto the end of the row of shops and flats on what was originally known as Belgrave Place. The name Belgrave Place is no longer in use, but is now simply part of the St. John’s Road, leading out of the City of Edinburgh, through Corstorphine, in the direction of Glasgow.

At one time the premises belonged to Corstorphine Temperance Society, but ownership passed to the Corstorphine Trust in the early 1970s.

A variety of tenants have leased the shop over the years, including a watchmaker, a shoemaker, a tobacconist and confectioner, a surgical corset maker, a coal merchant, and an estate agent.